Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*UPDATE* The Museum of Air Sickness Bags

When I first discovered this site, it was experiencing some technical problems caused by its host (anyone who reads Miss Flickchick regularly knows I've had similar problems and can empathize). But curator Steven J. Silberberg kindly sent me an email that his online museum is now back up and running they've been ... so to experience the amazing world of airsickness bags, dive right in here!

Thank you, AOL, for posting those distracting top "news" items where I can't help but see them every time I log on or open my email. Yes, the overwhelming majority are either redundant or pointless, but every once in a while they lead me somewhere weird and wonderful.

Like this morning, when a feature reporting the rumor that the airline industry may try to save some money by eliminating airsickness bags led me to the Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum, curated by one Steven J. Silberberg.

I had a lot of trouble navigating the site, but the Gift Shop works fine and it's a kick. My favorite Barf-bag poster by far is the hurling reindeer.


sjs said...

Thanks for the kind blog post. The site is unfortunately not working well because my ISP was sold to another ISP and the outdated code no longer runs on their servers.

I'll fix it up when I get a chance though.

miss flickchick said...

Steve: Thanks for your email; I've posted an update that your site is now humming along beautifully and just tweeted it as well...