Friday, October 24, 2008

Get 'em while they're hot: Saw V and Passengers reviews

Saw V is more of the same: If you like the Saw thing, step right up.

And then there's stealth release Passengers, starring up-and-comer Anne Hathaway: It slunk into theaters like a mongrel dog, and there's a reason.

Both reviews are here.


tobymax said...

I was a little disappointed with Saw V. It set up the next one, but there should've been a little more to this one. I actually thought Saw IV was the best because I love the way they're telling these stories by weaving them all together. Despite the disppointment, I'll still be there opening night for Saw VI.

achyfakey said...
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achyfakey said...

Well, I loved part one and kinda liked part 2, but had no use for the next two installments. So I am guessing that I won't like this one based on Maitland's review.

Sounds like something to miss in the theaters... thanks for saving me ten bucks. Flickchick to the rescue again!

Rob said...

Saw V definitely felt most like it was a holding pattern for the next film, more so than any of the others, which started the habit of directly setting up the sequel all the way back in Saw II. Hoffman as a protege came out of right field in Saw IV and you have to really remind yourself who he is to even care. That's the biggest flaw in that there is no compelling protaganist to root for in the series. I really liked Detective Matthews, but he's gone now. Hopefully Hoffman will get his in Saw VI from a finally returned Dr. Gordon!