Monday, August 17, 2009

Kurt Russell and Elvis Presley: A History in Clips...

Okay, I missed the anniversary of Elvis Presley's' death by a couple of days, but these clips are too good not to share; they start with Kurt Russell as a Disney child actor with Presley in It Happened at the World's Fair (1963) and ends with a tribute Russell did for Turner Classic Movies.

Russell With Elvis
Russell as Elvis (Elvis — the Movie, 1979)
Russell as "Elvis" (3000 Miles to Graceland, 2001)
Russell on Elvis


achyfakey said...

All of the TCM remembrance pieces that I have seen have been really well done. Love the story about Bing Russell's hat!

miss flickchick said...

I'd never seen one before, but if they're all as well down as the Russell/Elvis piece I'll seek out some others.

And yes, Bing Russell's hat is memorable...

achyfakey said...

The best ones are those narrated by Hollywood legends who worked with the stars themselves...

Burt Lancaster (by Franhenheimer):

Myrna Loy:

Ingrid Bergman:

James Stewart:

Bette Davis (Merryl Streep):

Elizabeth Taylor (Paul Neuman):

Katherine Hepburn (Anthony Hopkins):

And the best one of all IMNSHO....
Michael Caine on Cary Grant: