Sunday, October 18, 2009

Check out my Stepfather review and my interview with Amber Heard

More than 20 years later, the original Stepfather, starring Terry O'Quinn (now of TV's Lost) as a would-be family man who just wants the perfect wife and kids, painted a chilling picture of a control freak with no tolerance for failure. How does Dylan Walsh, of TV's Nip/Tuck, fill O'Quinn's shoes in the current remake? Read my review...

And you might also want to check out my interview with Amber Heard, who co-stars in The Stepfather and has a small but memorable role as an undead babe in Zombieland.


achyfakey said...

The original is a personal favorite, but the remake is a PG-13? Uh-uh. Not gonna fly with me. I mean, I realize that 1987 "R" is about a 2009 "PG-13", but this smacks of gutting the core to put more young butts in the seat. And I hate that.

As to the review, I take it that "serviceable" in this case means "dull"? If so, then I shall leave this on the dust heap of history, along with the remake of "The Hitcher".

miss flickchick said...

Dust heap of history, my friend.