Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say it with slang... UK slang!

So, I'm watching a Ken Loach movie — a pretty funny one, I might add, in a vaguely depressing kind of way — and I went online to look up some bit of Mancusian slang. And that led me to this page, which will translate your plain vanilla, American English sentences into various types of UK slang.

I particularly like the Scouse translater, but the Irish one is pretty good, too.

Oh, the movie is Waiting for Eric... and don't be put off by the fact that one of the two Erics is Manchester United soccer star Eric Cantona (the other is a suicidally depressed postal worker; as I said earlier, funny in a depressing kind of way). I don't give a good god-damn about soccer — sorry football — and Cantona is hilarious. He either has one hell of a sense of humor about himself or is so self-absorbed that he has no idea how


Trav28 said...

You so have to visit England! If you need some crash-space, give me and Linda a yell :D

miss flickchick said...

At the very least, I'll give you a shout. Haven't been since 2001, the last time I attended FrightFest.

My now-husband proposed while I was doing an interview for some TV doc about the most erotic moments in movies. The producer was a terrifically good sport: She sent some poor assistant out to get champagne and had her crew keep the camera rolling. Quite the nice souvenir!