Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'ts a wonderful life... or it might have been...

I suppose this is a bit cheeky of me, but I think this is an apt time of year to share a video I first saw shortly after I was hired by the earliest precursor of this might be as far back as the MCI-NewsCorporation Joint Internet Venture (you can see why that name didn't stick).

It was on video, of course (this was, after all, the better part of 15 years ago), and was considered so incendiary (and watching it so potentially insubordinate) that a handpicked few of us huddled in a locked office and turned the sound down low, lest anyone else hear it. I should perhaps mention that a certain Rupert owned TV Guide at the time and was given to paying surprise visits to the office, scaring the hell out of everyone and prompting jokes about sulfurous footprints burned into the carpeting.

And it still makes me laugh.

Yes, that's Hugh Laurie of House (affecting yet another accent not his own) and Stephen Fry, who's appeared in several Harry Potter films and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his starring role in Wilde (1999).

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