Monday, December 14, 2009

Where's the Fire?

There are 14 or 15 emergency vehicles directly across the street from my Manhattan apartment building (see the highly impressionistic view at left).

We're located between two sizable hospitals and there's a firehouse nearby, so sirens are a regular thing... it's remarkable how quickly they become part of the white noise of the city. I do a weekly radio segment on an Atlanta-area radio show and the wailing has become a running joke. I know it confirms their worst ideas about New York, so virtually every week I hear myself saying, "Just so you know, that's an ambulance going to the major hospital center a couple of blocks from my apartment..."

But I have to say, I'm a little unnerved by the sheer volume of flashing lights outside my windows just now. Not so unnerved that I'm doing anything about it, though.


Brian Whisenant said...

Every time I get on the phone to my parents (who live in Mississippi) New York seems to play a joke on me and send a billion sirens straight toward me.

miss flickchick said...

The first time I ever met my future in-laws, who lived in West Virginia, at our apartment (not the one we live in now), the cops had just raided the Castle Hotel across the street (accent on the "Ho"), so there was a yellow tape cordon across the hotel's front door and five police cars were angle parked in front, nose in, keeping an eye on the joint.

Bear in mind that in NYC (at least in Manhattan) we don't angle park: The streets aren't wide enough. We park parallel to the curb, so five angle-parked police cruisers were super conspicuous.

Oh, and someone had kicked one of the two glass doors in our vestibule, shattering the glass without totally breaking it. So the super criss-crossed it with brown packing tape so great shards of glass didn't fall out, posing a danger to life and limb.

Nice first impression, right?

achyfakey said...

OK off topic (sorry) but where can I hear this weekly radio segment of which you speak? Still pining for the TVG podcast days of yore...

Also, I am looking forward to your reviews of Avatar (even thought going to see it feels like a chore at this point... maybe I'll skip it like I did Titanic) and Sherlock Holmes (can't help but love Jude Law as Watson).