Saturday, January 16, 2010

Apocalypse... Could We Do This Later?

I'm not waiting for the end of the world, I'm tired of the post apocalypse , and so help me God, I really don't want to see portentous movies that look like some bizarre mash up of The Road and Fahrenheit 451... which brings us to
The Book of Eli. I probably shouldn't admit that I hated it from the moment — about five minutes in — that it tried to pass off a sphinx cat as a hellish mutant from the not-too-distant future, but I did. And things only went downhill from there...

I don't such care for the Golden Globe Awards, either, though the fact that the attendees are plied with liquor from the moment they sit down (at tables, not in theater seats like the Oscars) pretty much guarantees that the last half hour will be unpredictable fun (Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech for The Wrestler, anyone?)

But I did kind of enjoy writing a piece about the Globes and horror movies... they've been relatively good to the genre over the years. I mean, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association even scraped up a reward for The White Reindeer, God love 'em.

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