Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chipmunks Christmas Quiz!

What band just covered the Chipmunks' "Christmas Don't Be Late?"

a.) They Might Be Giants
b.) Flight of the Conchords
c.) Jars of Clay

If you guessed, you probably got it wrong.

Not only did Christan rockers Jars of Clay cover "Christmas Don't Be Late," as part of the multi-band Love Came Down at Christmas Tour, but frontman Dan Haseltine called it "one of the most important Christmas songs ever written." Really. I read it in The New York Times.

I hearby officially take back anything I've ever said about Christian rockers having no sense of humor. And if Jars of Clay cover the Hampster Dance, I might even buy the album.

And now, on a trivial note, the Chipmunks were created by 50 years ago by musician Ross Bagdasarian, who was going through a bad patch and came up with the idea of a novelty recording using sped-up voices. The result, "Witch Doctor," was a hit:

Okay, maybe you knew that. But did you know Bagdasarian was in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window? He appears about halfway through this trailer, as the voice over narrator intones "…the songwriter who plays the same melody over and over again… genius or insane?"

Insane all the way to the bank, I'd say.

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