Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"VD gets around" -- my favorite PSA ever

This PSA used to air on the New York area's channel 9, which also showed tons of horror movies, especially late at night.

So I saw it more times than I can remember, and it lodged itself in my brain. In recent years I began to think I'd imagined it. I mean, it seemed so bizarre: Funky music, brassy singer, lyrics warning about sexually transmitted diseases...

But here it is, courtesy of YouTube:

Now try to get that song out of your head. I dare you.


Ken said...

God, I remember this! I love that porn-stached guy and his "date." If anyone is going to give her VD, it's gonna be him.

jefgg said...

This is not the VD psa I grew up with. I also grew up in the New York area watching Channel 9 WOR. The psa I remember had the same song, but the video was totally different. It showed a teenage couple doing homework together, roller skating, then at the VD clinic. Thanks to that psa I swore off homework forever.