Thursday, April 30, 2009

28 Days Later... animation

I have a sneaking feeling that I may be the last person on the web to find this animation, but it's pretty cool. Sorry about the link, but the embed code just will not work for absolutely no reason I can see.

28 Days Later: Full Animated Graphic Novel

Coincidentally, I was just talking about 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later for the documentary Zombiemania, which will air later this year on Starz.

Coincidence or portent? You be the judge.


Rob said...

28 Days Later I thought was a really good film. The horrors of an apocalyptic outbreak (relegated to England though) is always worth seeing. If for nothing else than to see what desperate lengths humans will go to when the chips are done and their very existence is on the line.

28 Weeks Later I thought took a fresh (if unoriginal) premise and Hollywood-ized in the worst possible way. I was on the edge of my seat for Days. Weeks felt like the titular time period. Even Robert Carlyle (very excited for Stargate: Universe) couldn't elevate the film for me.

Here's hoping the rumored 28 Months Later with returning director Danny Boyle can elevate the franchise to the quality of the first film.

KGattis said...

It is weird that I see this post when I just watched 28 Days Later not even two days ago. Days was definitely better than Weeks, but I think audiences related more to Weeks due to its Hollywood presence.

I love Boyle's films. I thought 28 Days Later was very unique in its style, shooting with a digital video camera. Also, other than having a sci-fi feel to it, I think it was more of a drama, which was a new take.

28 Weeks Later was a good movie, I thought, just not as good as Days. I laughed when I got back to school after its opening weekend, where every kid who saw it thoroughly explained why the movie was so "awesome" and "F-in gory ". A big talked about scene was with the helicopter, brutally slicing zombies in half with its blade. Just another example of America's obsessiveness with violence and their need to brag about it.

Akanksha said...

There are many loopholes and mistakes in this film but this is not weaken the film due to tight-gripping storyline. The greatest achievement of this movie is to make one viewer stay neutral throughout the film, without taking any side in the first place.

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