Monday, April 13, 2009

Miss FlickChick at the Avon Theatre...

Want to purge all thoughts of taxes from your mind?

How about taking in a special screening of the original Taking of Pelham One Two Three that I'll be introducing at the Avon Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut, on Wednesday, April 15.

The screening is at 7PM, I'll be doing a Q&A after the film, and here's the icing on the cake: It's free. You read right: No admission charge; that's a bargain even by 1970s standards, when you could see a Times Square triple-bill for $2.50.

I've done several of these events in the past, and the Q&A is always fun. Lively discussion that rises above the level of "Dude, that rocked!" (or sucked, as the case may be) — what more could a movie buff ask?

So stop by if you can — the Avon's website has travel directions and other info.


Rob said...

The sad thing is I was supposed to move to CT back in December but plans went sadly awry. I would certainly have attended this, even though I've seen the original not too long ago. In fact having seen the original and then the trailer for the remake, which I originally was considering to see, I can now promise that the remake will be a definite skip this summer

achyfakey said...

I wish I could make it. But Maitland, please let us know if you are ever doing an event in the L.A. region.

david v. goliath said...

I was there last night. Dudette, you rocked! The Avon is a jewel, and these Critic's Choice events are pretty cool for Stamford, CT. My haircutter's mother, Anna Berger, plays the Jewish lady hostage on the subway train.

miss flickchick said...

The consensus at the Avon last night was that no one was interested in the Tony Scott remake. It just looks to me like a big old generic action picture, and who cares?

I will say, though, that I'm kind of curious about the made-for-TV version from 1998. I figue no TV movie has the kind of budget it takes to do giant action sequences, so it might be more character oriented. And the cast is good: Edward James Olmos in the Walter Matthau role (named Pinsotti rather than Garber), plus Vincent D'Onofrio, Donnie Wahlberg and Richard Schiff as Misters Blue, Grey and Green. It smacks of trendiness that Mr. Brown is a woman, but hey, whatecer.