Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Werewolves on Wheels, Barry Maguire and "Eve of Destruction"

So, I'm writing a piece that mentions Werewolves on Wheels -- which is, by the way, pretty hypnotic and so exactly what Larry Bishop's Hell Ride was trying to be -- and realized that one of the biker gang was Barry McGuire, who sang "Eve of Destruction." And that he became a born-again Christian the year after he made Werewolves on Wheels, in which he's part of a gang called the "Devils Advocates" (apparently they're too butch for apostrophes) who get the wolf whammy put on them by a bunch of Satan-worshipping monks. Hmmm, coincidence or not?

Be all that as it may, I ran across this clip of McGuire singing "Eve of Destruction" on some TV show and all I can say is, who designed that set? Mad Max's cousin? And what are those dancers in black doing to those junked cars?

It's something else.

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flovece said...

Whoa! That is some clip. He does deliver the hell, so to speak, out of that song, though.