Sunday, May 31, 2009

My reviews of Drag Me to Hell and Pontypool....

....are now live.

I'm pretty much in line with everyone else on Drag Me to Hell, and I really recommend checking out Pontypool; to say it's the freshest take on zombies I've seen in ages is an understatement.


KGattis said...

I love Sam Raimi films. He has a unique style of filmmaking, and what is really cool about it is that it hasn't changed from when he made his first movie, The Evil Dead. I just bought The Gift the other day and wow, what a good movie. The only ones I haven't seen of his are For the Love of the Game and A Simple Plan, which Maitland gave a great review.

Drag Me To Hell is a return to form for him. I loved it. It's all the little details to, like the old Universal Pictures logo, and the old fashioned sound effects back in the 80's. I also love the horror/comedy combination, which he perfects in his new movie. Loved the ending, too. I agree with Maitland that we don't see enough of those.

Neetu said...

Yes I agree with you KGattis that he has a unique style that is loved by majority of people. I loved this move to and excited to watch it again.
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