Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best movies of the '70s, including... The Jerk?

Yeah, okay: Lists are a dime a dozen. But I read them and I bet you do to, so when I ran across Moviefone's Best Movies of the '70s, I had to look.

For my money, the top ten are pretty tough to argue with, and I'm glad to see a number of genre films on it, including Alien, Halloween and Jaws. But after that it gets dodgy. Steve Martin's The Jerk at number 20, before Network or Dog Day Afternoon? Deliverance at number 36, nine places behind Monty Python's The Life of Brian?

I don't know... what do you think?


achyfakey said...

Well, Life of Brian is pretty great. But since they had the superior (IMNSHO) Holy Grail much higher on the list, maybe they could have used the slot for something else.

Still, it was surprising that there were so many genre titles on the roster. Well deserved, but still kinda unexpected.

And these things are just so subjective. Sometimes need to intersect with your mood.

llc said...

The list is pretty good (and happily includes most genres) but my list will always include The Paper Chase, The Conversation, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Family Plot, Harold and Maude, and Breaking Away.