Monday, May 18, 2009

Sherlock Holmes trailer...

Yeah, it's pretty Lock, Stock and 221B Baker Street... that really shouldn't come as a surprise. Turn Guy Ritchie loose on Sherlock Holmes and that's what you're going to get.

But I'm digging the fact that Jude Law is clearly playing Watson as smart, capable and willing to call Holmes on it when he's being truly impossible -- too few actors have, and that's one of the things I love about James Mason's performance in Murder by Decree.

Sherlock Holmes plus vampires is almost as felicitous a combination as Sherlock Holmes plus Jack the Ripper, and I admit it: I love Robert Downey Jr. So hey, I'm in. See the trailer here.


KGattis said...

I think Guy Ritchie is a talented director. I have only seen two of his films: Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels, and RocknRolla. Most consider those his best. I haven't seen any of his other movies because I read they were no good.

Ritchie has a neat visual style, present in almost every scene in RocknRolla. From the trailer I can see that Sherlock Holmes will be the same. I hope the film will be as good as it looks. It has a great cast, and I'm happy to see Robert Downey, Jr. is officially back, and at the top of his career.

I was pretty surprised when I heard Ritchie was directing. I didn't think Sherlock Holmes was his kind of movie. It kind of reminds me of David Fincher and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I own every one of Fincher's movies and this didn't look like one he would do. Nevertheless, Fincher put every ounce of his talent in the movie, from his great visual style to the great cast. Hopefully Guy Ritchie will do the same here. I think he will.

achyfakey said...

Well, I am an antifan of Guy. I don't care for his movies. But this looks like something that even I might enjoy. I know that Holmes was adept at martial arts, and that seems well represented here. Hoping the same for the drug use and disguises.

And even though I love Downey, looks to me like Jude Law could easily be my favorite element of this movie.