Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best art direction and costume design...

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a ridiculous princess dress with admirable conviction. Daniel Craig looks great in a tux and flubs his second line (and his third one, too). Got it: They look great and they're giving out the design awards. Next.

Benjamin Button wins art direction and make-up, and it's my suspicion that these are the first of many not-so-high profile awards the film is going to take. Nice for Greg Cannom, though, who's been doing great make-up effects work in the horror genre since I first started writing lo these many years ago.

Costume goes to The Duchess, proof of Hollywood's all-but-obligatory reverence for period design. Like we'd know if it's authentic? Show me a film set in the 1970s that actually looks like the '70s rather than a magazine spread form a '70s magazine and then I'm impressed.