Sunday, February 22, 2009

In praise of action movies (hell, yeah!) and post-production credits... oh, and wait — it's Mr. Will Smith!

Kick-ass action movie montage, but I bet half the viewing audience just headed for the toilet when they realized the category was best visual effects.

Okay, for all you guys who just got back, another ho-hum accolade for Benjamin Button... you can stop applauding now, because you won't want to miss best sound editing.

Let me clarify: I respect the tremendous craft and dedication brought to bear on these aspects of film production. Film is the ultimate collaborative medium, and the work these guys do is seriously important. I've worked with world-class sound engineers and I'm in total awe of what they do. But think the average film goer gives a flying fig that The Dark Night was just honored for sound editing, let alone that Slumdog Millionaire got the nod for sound mixing.

And we're still not done... now it's time for film editing. Okay, I now totally see the wisdom of hauling megastar Smith up there for these awards. And it's Slumdog Millionaire... the awards are staring to add up.

And the tribute to Jerry Lewis is next... I think I'll go make a pit stop and freshen my drink.

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