Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zak Efron and Alicia Keys and the best original score

Hell yeah! Bollywood legend A.R. Rahman (which both presenters seem to think has a "k" in the middle) for Slumdog Millionaire! And Rahman thanked his mom first... what a guy.

And it's getting better: the man himself is now singing "O Saya," one of Slumdog's two nominees in the best song category, and it's frakkind fabulous.

"Down to Earth" form Wall-E, not so much, and I say that as someone who's loved Peter Gabrial for longer than I want to remember.

Thank god for "Jai Ho!"

And "Jai Ho" just won best song. The presenters, meanwhile, still think Rahman's name has a "k" in the middle. Is there no one among the no-doubt massive production team capable of letting them know that the guy's name is said exactly as it's spelled? They're like those motor-vehicle department clerks who pronounce my "McDonagle." Repeat after me: No "l" in my name, no "k" in A.R. Rahman's.

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