Sunday, February 22, 2009

See more Phillip Hoffman, and more about the best supporting actor award....

Was that a joke, or did Alan Arkin just forget which name went first? And hey, Academy, kudos for getting the black guy (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) to do a Chris Rock rant about Robert Downey Jr.'s nomination for Tropic Thunder. You're so fly, guys. Or maybe it was because they're both juniors.

On the other hand, Christopher Walken (scary hair, crooked tie, gravel-scraped voice and all) and Michael Shannon: Inspired.

Heath Leger's mom, dad and sister (good lookign family, for civilians) accept his inevitable award for The Dark Knight, but the standing ovation is a nice touch. I give all the credit in the world to his father, Kim, for holding it all together during his acceptance speech. Ditto his mother and sister... I totally see why the house is full of moist eyes.

And major points to the show's directors for letting them go over the normally allotted time...

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