Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seth Rogan and James Franco star in a profoundly unfunny short film.... this is what Judd Apatow turns out when he hasn't been working on the screenplay for 20 years.

Um, dramas are like, funny. Where are Beavis and Butthead to say "Dude, she said Ballsack" when you need them?

Janusz Kaminski is actually funnier than Rogan or Franco... could you have predicted that?

East German-raised producer-director Jochen Alexander Freydank wins for his live-action short Spielzeugland and gives a lovely acceptance speech.

I think about giving an acceptance speech in German and am deeply ashamed. Note to self — only ever apply for foreign-language grants, awards or whatever in French-speaking countries where I might be able to fake it, given enough lead time.

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