Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars montage....

Great montage of best actress winners stammering their gratitude but you know what? It might have been a good idea to chyron ID them. I mean, I'm a lifelong obsessive movie buff, and I didn't recognize all of them. Just saying.

Nice though, to hear previous supporting actress winners praise this year's nominees with such apparent sibcerity. I mean, they're actresses, so they should be able to make you believe they mean it. But they sold it, one and all. And I'm thrilled that Penelope Cruz won for Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Mediocre film, but she was lacerating. And good for her for thanking Bigas Luna for casting her as the whore's daughter in Jamon, Jamon: Lesser actresses would have passed that one right over, even if it did star Javier Bardem.

Oh, and not to gloat, but I called this category months ago.

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